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Indio: (760) 578-4748
El CENTRO: (760)482-5505


Striving to make our communities a better and healthier place, one smile at a time!


“To me, success isn't how much money you make, it is how many people you help.”

Dr. J

Our Story

An Idea Is Born - Dr. J and SAGE Initiative

Dr. J graduated Dental School in 1997 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and immediately began his passion for public service. After completing his education, he entered the United States Air Force and was commissioned as a Dental Officer. 

In 2000, Dr. J was selected into the most prestigious Air Force Dental Residency located in San Antonio, TX where he spent the next two years working primarily in comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry. 

In 2004, Dr. J separated from the Air Force and moved to San Diego where he purchased a small dental office. After 6 years advancing his dental, business, and patient care skills, Dr. J purchased a large multi-specialty dental office in the remote and desert location of El Centro, CA. Shortly thereafter, Dr. J felt compelled to continue his public service and entered the Air Force Reserves and is now the rank of Lt Col. 

In 2012, Dr. J acquired another multi-specialty office in Palm Desert, CA.

The Idea Becomes a Reality - SAGE Dental clinics 

After doing research and getting feedback from the community, Dr. J founded the The School-Aged Gap Elimination Initiative (SAGE Initiative) in 2013 in order to address the dental health care needs of underserved populations in rural Southern California, primarily those in the Coachella Valley and Imperial County. The initial focus was to treat children in need, hence the name. However, SAGE has evolved into something greater and now provides comprehensive dental services to low income individuals, seniors, veterans, undocumented immigrants, and anyone that is at or below the 138% Federal Poverty Line. 

The SAGE Dental program took off in July 2016, when Dr. J donated space from his two private dental clinics, Southwest Dental Group in El Centro and Shadow Hills Dental in Palm Desert, to treat SAGE patients. The program has seen measurable success: over 6,800 patient encounters and provided over $2.1 million in free dental services that include procedures such as extractions, fillings, bridges, and crowns (July 2016-December 2018).

SAGE Indio Office

SAGE opened its first dental clinic in Indio in early February 2019. In just the first month of operation, the clinic serviced over 277 patients, 450 patient encounters, and provided $97,176.00 worth of free dental treatment.

The total number of patients seen at SAGE Indio thus far is 2,950. In 2020 alone, SAGE saw 246 new patients; 28 of these being Veterans. Also in 2020, $378,420 dental services were provided to our patients; $102,966 of these services were provided to Veterans.